LandMark GPS DOS Total Solution package end of life

6 May 2002

A GPS platform that included a DOS-based field computer (Pro2000, Pro4000, or Allegro CE/DOS), a GPS receiver (Trimble AgGPS 132, 120, 114), LandMark GPS DOS software, and a backpack for the receiver, camcorder batteries, and dome antenna on a pole.

Purchase Availability: Some components are still available.

Recommended Alternate Purchase: We have several Mobile GPS and GIS options available, including a newer Windows CE and Windows Mobile version of the LandMark GPS software. Our sales staff can help you put together the best system for your application, including software, a receiver, a rugged field computer, and other accessories.

Service Availability: If you have a LandMark GPS DOS Package, most of the components are still serviceable, either by Juniper Systems or Trimble Navigation (receivers).