LandMark Mobile GPS Utility for Allegro MX and Archer

3 Jun 2009

Juniper Systems, Inc., a provider of intuitive field computer solutions for rugged applications, announces LandMark Mobile – A GPS Utility. LandMark Mobile incorporates real-time GPS data into any custom and third party application software. This innovative GPS utility manages the GPS receiver connectivity functions and provides services such as navigation, checking satellite status, and recording the position of specific occupied points. Point averaging and offset capabilities are included.

Download a demonstration version of the software. Check out the datasheet


LandMark Mobile, a Windows Mobile® application, runs exclusively on the Allegro MX or Archer Field PC. The Allegro MX is a rugged handheld computer featuring a full keyboard. The Archer Field PC is an ultra-rugged PDA built to perform in extreme environments.

LandMark Mobile runs concurrently with data collection and processing programs. This unique GPS utility enables a user to quickly add GPS data and functionality to any application. The mark position is a distinctive feature of LandMark Mobile. It directly inserts GPS coordinates for the marked position into forms, spreadsheets and other documents via a GPS hot key. When the GPS hot key is pressed within an active application, the point is stored. The Mark feature allows averaging of a user specified number of ‘fix’ readings to be used for an average position. The Offset feature allows point collection for inaccessible locations.

Navigation and checking satellite status are essential GPS functions managed by LandMark Mobile. GPS satellite status is checked via the easy to read sky plot that depicts the GPS constellation and signal strength. A diagnostic dialogue can be used to troubleshoot the GPS receiver connection.

LandMark Mobile’s navigation is used to plot a course to a known location. Navigation services allow the selection of to and from waypoints. The intuitive navigation screens show a compass depicting travel direction, an arrow designating direction to destination, and data fields showing distance to go, speed, track and bearing with crosstrack error.

LandMark Mobile serves as a bridge between the GPS receiver, a Juniper Systems handheld computer, and one or more application specific programs. LandMark greatly reduces development time for application software requiring GPS receiver data input. Application developers can access GPS coordinates via a shared memory location, data exchange file, or keyboard wedge. LandMark Mobile connects with a wide variety of GPS receivers using NMEA data streams.


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