Uinta Auto-Configures Geode

21 Nov 2023

If you are using Uinta and connect to a Geode, you may be prompted to auto configure the Geode.  

Auto Configure will apply the following settings, which we recommend for using the Geode with Uinta.

Configure Geode Category Auto Configure Settings Notes
Active GNSS Constellations
  • GPS
  • Multi-GNSS
  • RD1
  • GGA
  • GNS
  • GSA
  • GST
  • GSV
  • RMC
  • GGA
  • GNS
  • GSA
  • GST
  • GSV
  • RMC
Update Rate 1 Hz  
Advanced Section  
NMEA Precision 8  
Mask Angle 10  
Correction Source Auto N/A For more information about the correction source setting, see Geode is not Seeing Satellites.
SBAS Auto  
Receiver Mode
  • Mixed
Turn off Mixed to get the greatest possible accuracy. See Default and Recommended Settings for GEODE for additional explanation.
Battery Status Sentence 10 seconds  

Auto Configure Settings seen in Geode Connect

If you use Geode Connect to view the settings, the auto-configured settings appear as follows.

Note: When connecting the Geode directly to Uinta, disconnect and fully close (swipe away) Uinta before switching to Geode Connect and vice-versa.


GNS3 Configure Geode > Advanced 


GNS2 Configure Geode > Advanced

Reviewed & Approved: OS, TB, AM 30Nov23