ADOCE (ActiveX Data Objects for CE) support on Allegro CE with Windows CE 3.0

8 Sep 2008

This file adds support for ADOCE (ActiveX Data Objects for CE) to the Allegro CE with the Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 operating system. This allows software developers to access CDB (Compact Database) files in their software application on the Allegro CE. This also allows DBF (Database File) files on the desktop PC to be synchronized with the CDB files on the Allegro CE through Microsoft ActiveSync.

To install, copy the "" file to the Allegro CE, locate the file on the Allegro, and then double-tap on the file icon to run. When the "Install To..." wizard appears, tap OK to complete the install. It is recommended to save the system after installing by tapping on the Allegros Start menu, Programs, Utilities, and then Save System.