Battery and Travel Charger enhancement for Mesa 3

19 Jan 2023

Improvements to the Mesa 3 battery and travel (spare battery) charger result in the following accessory changes:

For more information on these improvements, see Mesa 3 Battery Information, which also includes instructions for updating the previous 28000 battery pack in the field.

Contact your dealer for information about replacing previous 28073 MS3 Travel Charger SubAsy with the new 31516 MS3 Travel Charger SubAsy that includes the updated firmware. Once replaced, the previous travel charger should be recycled.

The new 31516 MS3 Travel Charger SubAsy works with all current and previous battery packs for Mesa 3 and Mesa 2. Previous 28073 travel chargers will not work with new or updated Mesa 3 battery packs that have the new 7A or higher firmware version.