Cellular Modem Firmware Load Process

13 Jan 2023

After inserting a SIM card, wait five minutes to allow the cellular modem to detect the SIM card and load the carrier-specific firmware. While the firmware loads, the cellular modem temporarily disappears from network and internet connections.

To verify the cellular connection,

  1. Open Windows Settings.
  2. Tap Network & internet. 

If the cellular modem doesn't connect after five minutes,

  1. Tap Windows Start  and then tap Power . From the menu, tap Shut down. Wait for the display and red LED light to turn off.
  2. Power on the device. Wait for Windows to fully load.
  3. Tap Windows Start  and then tap Power . From the menu, tap Restart. Wait for the firmware to install. It can take up to five minutes.

If the cellular modem is still missing,

  1. Long tap Windows Start .
  2. Tap Device Manager.
  3. Expand Universal serial bus controllers.
  4. Long tap the disabled USB composite device.


  1. Tap Enable device

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Reviewed & Approved: lr, dh 01March2023