Windows Login Keyboard Unresponsive

8 Nov 2022

This article explains how to troubleshoot a bug in the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system, such as on Mesa Pro or Mesa 4, if the on-screen keyboard at the login screen will not allow you to enter the password.

On the lock screen, if you watch for several seconds (it varies), you will see the clock flicker (it disappears and then comes back quickly). If you swipe up before the clock flickers and start to put in your password, the password field loses focus. You can continue to tap on the on-screen keyboard, and see the taps registering on the keyboard, but the password field is no longer receiving the input.

To prevent this from happening, after you have rebooted the Mesa Pro, wait for several seconds when you reach the lock screen. After the clock flickers, you can swipe up and enter the password.

Some additional workarounds are as follows:

  1. Press and hold the accessibility icon in the bottom right corner of the screen until the menu pops up.
  2. Enable the On-screen keyboard. This is a different keyboard than the one docked at the bottom of the screen and it is still able to send keystrokes to the password field.


  1. Plug in an external keyboard to use to enter the password.

Additional ideas are provided in the Stuck at Windows login password screen article. Microsoft is currently testing a future fix for this specific issue, which hopefully will be released soon.



Approved 9Nov22: DH, ZJ