Mesa Pro Battery Information

2 Sep 2022

Best Practices to Extend the Battery Life

Additional Battery Status Information

Charging Error

If the battery did not charge as expected or the battery detects internal damage, it may not be allowed to charge.

Troubleshooting options:


The individual cells inside the battery have different voltages affecting its overall capacity. The battery may be able to correct this condition in ideal conditions.

Troubleshooting Options:

  1. Charge the battery to full.

  2. Remove the battery from the device, let it sit for a few days, then return it to the unit and let it discharge to empty.

Note: This can happen while it is still in the unit, but it is faster if there is no other drain on the battery. So in a case where it is trying to make up a large difference, it is more likely to succeed when it is out of the unit.

  1. Charge the battery to full again. If it is unbalanced, has a certain level of charge, and has rested long enough, the battery will slowly drain the high cell down to the lower cells.

Reduced Capacity

If the overall charge capacity of the battery is significantly less than a new battery, the battery is worn out or the unit has severely unbalanced cells.

Troubleshooting Options: