Geode GNS3 Activation or Subscription

21 Jun 2022

The process to check for, purchase, and apply a subscription (such as Atlas) or activation (such as Athena RTK engine) to a Geode GNS3 unit using Geode Connect is described in the Geode User's Manual.

If purchasing through a partner:

  1. Receive a customer's request to apply subscription (such as Atlas) or activation (such as Athena RTK engine) to a particular device (indicated by its serial number).

  2. Send a purchase order to Juniper Systems with the subscription/activation part number, the serial number of the device to apply it to, and the desired activation (ship) date (if a time-based subscription). 

  3. On the activation date, you and the customer will receive an email from Juniper Systems containing the unlock code. The customer will also find the activation/subscription available to apply to their Geode in Geode Connect. Detailed instructions for the customer are available in the Geode User's Manual on page 146.

Note: Time-based subscriptions begin as soon as the sales order is processed, which generates the unlock code.

If needing to apply manually through a terminal similar to a GNS2 or original Geode (aka GNS1), please see Apply changes through Terminal to the Geode.

Approved: JF, OS
Updated 15 Dec 2023