Geode GNS3 Atlas Activation or Subscription (Partner Process)

21 Jun 2022

  1. Receive a customer's request to apply Atlas subscription to a particular device (indicated by its serial number).

  2. Send a purchase order to Juniper Systems with the Atlas subscription part number, the serial number of the device to apply the subscription to, and the desired activation (ship) date. 

  3. On the activation date, you and the customer will receive an email from Juniper Systems containing the unlock code. The customer will also find the activation/subscription available to apply to their Geode in Geode Connect. Detailed instructions for the customer are available in the Geode User's Manual on page 146.

Note: The time-based subscription begins as soon as the sales order is processed, which generates the unlock code. 

The process for a customer is detailed in the Geode User's Manual.

Approved: JF, OS