Mapping Apps for Archer 3 and Allegro 3

16 Mar 2022

Note: This information is only provided as a general reference and does not imply that Juniper Systems will be able to provide full support for any specific third-party software application for use with our products.

This article provides examples of some location apps that work with the Archer 3 and Allegro 3. This list is not comprehensive and may be subject to change.

Because the Archer 3 and Allegro 3 use AOSP, you cannot download these apps directly from Google Play. For instructions on how to load apps onto your device, see Download Apps on an AOSP Device.

If you have questions about a particular app, feel free to contact a Juniper Systems representative


CyberTracker by CyberTracker Conservation is a free, graphics-based data collection app. Originally designed for indigenous trackers in Africa that couldn’t read or write, this app has evolved to include more general-purpose data collection and is now used worldwide. It boasts an Icon User Interface that enables users to collect data faster and more accurately than text interfaces.

You can download an APK version of Cybertracker on the APK Pure website.

Mergin Maps

Mergin Maps is a mobile mapping software. This app allows you to create projects, collect and store data, take photos, and scan barcodes or QR codes. It works offline and it's also compatible with existing QGIS projects.

You can download the app from the Mergin Maps website.


OziExplorer is a real-time tracking software. This app will track your GPS position to help you create waypoints, routes, and tracks. It also includes an on-screen display of your speed, bearing, and altitude. You can use many types of maps as well as an internal or external GPS as you create your routes.

You can download this app at OziExplorer for Android.


QField is the mobile client for the professional QGIS open-source project. QField supports many GIS data formats. With the QField Synchronization tool, you can bring your QGIS projects into the field. And the code is open. It’s supported by a large community of developers, so if there’s a feature you need but can’t find, adding it to QField may be your best option.  

It’s also free—with no ads. Paired with QGIS Desktop, it’s a full-service mapping solution without the expensive licensing fees or subscriptions. Available for beta testers: QFieldCloud supports cloud data synchronization and offline data capture. 

You can download an APK version of QField on the APK Pure website.