Uinta Android Features

15 Feb 2022

Uinta Android is a new software release that includes most of the features available in Uinta Windows. This article provides feature-related information about Uinta Android. For technical support information, see the Uinta Knowledge Base.

New Features and Enhancements


Features not yet available in Android version

  • Improvements to import workflow
    • Map to existing record types
    • Create new project from import file
  • Improvements to template design
    • Relationship tab and relationship wizard in template editor
    • Subsection tabs in template editor
    • Project hierarchy features in template designer
  • Improvements to the workflow when linking related records
  • Attachment thumbnails in list view
  • Ability to rename attachments
  • Sample projects and templates
  • Bluetooth GNSS device discovery and pairing


  • Exporting to PDF
  • Creating and editing conditional logic

Note: Conditional logic can be created in Windows and synchronized to Android using a shared cloud project.

  • Global search screen
  • Offline .mbtiles map creation

Note: .mbtiles can be imported into Android, but cannot be created in Android.

  • Horizontal form layout
  • To-do tasks and lists
  • Advanced report customization
  • Saved report templates


Some known issues with Uinta Android:

Note: This issue will be addressed in a future version. Please contact Juniper Systems if you need help supporting large data sets.