SOTI Enterprise MDM agent for Archer 3

13 Dec 2021

The Archer 3 has been certified with SOTI Enterprise MDM (Mobile Device Management). An agent specific to the Archer 3 is now available. This agent can lock down devices, distribute apps, and offer easy access to remote support.

To use these features, install the SOTI Enterprise app using the manual APK file by following these steps.

  1. On the Archer 3, go to the following web page -
  2. Tap on "Android Classic - OEM Specific Agents and Plugins"
  3. Under Manufacturer select "Juniper Systems" then under Model select "Juniper Archer 3"
  4. Tap on Download to save the file which will have a name similar to JuniperMobiControl1455Archer3_1023.apk
  5. Open the file explorer on the Archer 3 to locate the file to highlight it for selecting to run.

Alternatively, a newer generic version may be available from