Uinta - Navigate to a Point on the Map

31 Aug 2021

Navigation Mode in Uinta helps guide users to specific points on the map.

Note: Uinta will only be as accurate as your GPS when telling you you have arrived at your destination.

  1. Connect your GPS.

  2. Open your project.

  3. Select the point you would like to navigate to.

  4. In the point pop-out window, tap Navigate.

  5. In Navigation Mode, look at the gray bar on the right of the screen to determine how far you are from your selected point and which direction you need to go.

    • When you are standing still, the middle section of the gray bar will show what direction you need to move in to reach your point. When you are moving, the middle section will show an arrow that will point in the direction you need to go.

  6. When you reach your selected point, the gray bar will turn green and the middle section will say "Arrived."

  7. You can continue to move your GPS to find the most accurate position. 

    • There is a green circle around the target point. The diameter of the green circle displayed around the target destination point will default to .5 m if no estimated horizontal error value (EHE) was saved with the original point. If an EHE value was saved with the original target destination point, then Uinta software will consider that EHE value when displaying the green circle around the target destination point.

    • The blue circle around the current GPS position (blue dot) will have a radius equal to the GPS estimated EHE. For example, if the EHE is 7 in, then the blue circle diameter will be 14 in.

  8. Exit Navigation Mode by tapping End Navigation.