Uinta - How to Use a Cloud Enabled Project

18 Aug 2021

Cloud Enabled Project 


Create a Cloud Enabled Project

To create a Cloud Enabled project you must be connected to the internet. This project can be accessed by any user on any device if they have the correct project name and password.

  1. Click the orange plus button.

  2. Select Cloud Enabled.

  3. Click Create Project.

  4. Enter a project name, email, and password.

    • This email will be used for password recovery.

    • Using the same password for every project can reduce login complications. 

    • If you want to grant or restrict access for specific users, create new passwords for individual cloud projects.

  5. Click Submit.

  6. Choose a project template.

  7. If desired, select a custom color or icon.

  8. Click the green check.


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