Geode Connect PC Install for Enterprises

7 Jun 2021

This article gives the commands and flags for deploying Geode Connect PC to multiple users via systems management tools such as Microsoft Configuration Manager. 

The deployment type is Script Installer, and the basic command is:

                 geode-2.3.2.exe -i alluser -s

The following table describes the supported flags.

Flag Description

Launches the Geode Connect installation with the install screen (even if it is currently installed). 

If the parameter "alluser" follows the -i, then it will automatically launch it into an all-user install mode on load. Combine this with -s, and it will not prompt for any user confirmations. 


Executes the install in pseudo silent mode. It will still show the UI but skip all the user prompts, so it behaves like an automatic install.


Skips the installation of desktop shortcuts.


Skips the registration into add/remove programs.


Skips the Hemisphere driver installation.

 -lang [two-letter language prefix]

Forces Geode Connect to launch with the specified language code (e.g., 'es' for Spanish; 'fr' for French, etc.). If this flag is not present, then the installer uses the current language defined by the OS. 


For the installation file and instructions, go to Geode Connect for Microsoft Windows PC.