Where to find IMEI number in Android

22 Jan 2021

On the Mesa 3 Android, you can go into OS Settings > About tablet > IMEI to view the number. In the United States, you can then visit an AT&T or T-Mobile store to obtain a Micro SIM card (not Nano) to insert into the Mesa 3 Android unit and then Restart to activate it.

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is unique on each device that is capable of connecting to a cellular network. This number is used as the serial number for our Cedar brand devices such as for warranty and repair tracking. Some devices (such as the Cedar CT8) which are capable of being active on more than one cellular network at a time may even have two unique IMEI numbers, in which case the first one is used as the serial number (referred to as "IMEI (Slot1)" on the CT8).

To view the IMEI number(s) on an Android device, such as our Cedar brand products, go to the OS Settings > System > About tablet (or About phone) > Status > IMEI Information. This can vary depending on Android version. This is shown for a CT8 in the following image.