File transfer with the Mesa 3 Android

23 Dec 2020

Wi-Fi P2P (Peer-to-Peer) or Wifi Direct is supported in the Android operating system such as on the Mesa 3 Android, as is technically described at the following low level web page.

Wi-Fi Direct (peer-to-peer or P2P) overview

Many apps in the Google Play Store provide a simple high level user interface for connecting Wi-Fi P2P such as for file transfer. Limited testing of the Files by Google app using the Share feature between a Mesa 3 Android and a Google Pixel 3 transferred over 250MB in under 2 minutes. That app is at this web link.

Files by Google App

Cloud storage such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive can be installed/enabled for rapid file transfer/access on any device such as the Mesa 3 Android.

USB Mass Storage (file transfer) mode can be enabled for the USB-C port when attaching a data connect cable. Some charging cables will not work.

For further details and other methods to transfer files, you could contact for assistance.