Cedar brand difference

24 May 2023

Selecting the right rugged handheld for your work environment can be challenging. The following article describes the differences between the Cedar and Juniper Systems product lines.

  Cedar Juniper Systems
Ruggedness Rugged Ultra-rugged
Operating System Android® Windows® or Android®
Price $ $$
Warranty and Support One-year warranty Two-year warranty with up to a five-year service plan and extension options available
Customizable No Yes

Note: For an example of the technical differences between the Cedar CT8x2 and the Juniper Systems Mesa 3 Android, see https://blog.junipersys.com/comparing-android-rugged-tablets-mesa-3-rugged-tablet-vs-the-cedar-ct8-rugged-tablet/.


The first way these two product lines differ is in terms of ruggedness. Cedar products are ideal for customers who need a rugged device but may not need the level of ultra-ruggedness that Juniper handhelds provide.

While the IP ratings for dust and water between Cedar & Juniper’s products may not differ much, Juniper products have been designed to withstand heavier abuse in harsher environments. The level of ruggedness you require depends on your work environment.Consumer vs Cedar vs Juniper Ruggedness Comparison


Warranty & Support

Along with ruggedness, Cedar handhelds are intended for customers who do not need the extraordinary level of support included with a Juniper handheld. If you want real-time, one-on-one support, buying a Juniper handheld is the way to go. 

Each generation of our comparably low-cost Cedar brand products comes with a newer version of the Android operating system. Cedar brand products are manufactured by vendor partners that have a one-to-two year life cycle, which is comparable to the life cycle of each major release of the operating system. In contrast, our higher cost Juniper brand products are designed, assembled, and programmed in Logan, Utah, and then maintained with continuous updates beyond the average three-to-five year life cycle.

Cedar handhelds are not serviceable like our Juniper handhelds are, but Cedar handhelds do come with a one-year replacement warranty for manufacturer defects. Juniper’s products are serviceable and include a standard two-year warranty. You can also purchase a Complete Care service plan and extended warranty, which extends warranty coverage for up to five years and includes benefits, such as expedited service.

Complete Care


With unmatched quality and support, Juniper Systems’ handhelds are top-of-the-line and ultra-rugged. Therefore, the products are priced higher. Because Cedar brand products don’t need to handle as harsh of conditions or include the same extent of support as Juniper handhelds, Cedar products are available for a very affordable price.

Operating System

Cedar brand handhelds run on the Android® operating system. Juniper handhelds run on either Windows® or Android®


Cedar brand handhelds are offered with a specific set of expansion packs provided by our vendor partner. Juniper handhelds are designed and manufactured in our Logan, Utah, USA facility, which allows us to offer a large range of customization options, including expansion packs, powered docks and other accessories, OEM re-branding, and more.

Customization on rugged handhelds

Whether you choose a Juniper or Cedar handheld, you are sure to love the quality, ruggedness, and support that comes with each of our products.



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