Power Output for External Devices

6 Jul 2020

On Mesa Pro the USB-A ports can sustain 5V at 900mA output maximum. The Mesa Pro USB-C port will limit output current to 5V at 3A.

On Mesa 3 Windows units the USB-A Host 3.0 port can sustain a 5V at 900mA output maximum. On Mesa 2 units the USB-A Host 3.0 port can sustain 5V at 600mA output maximum.

On Mesa 3 Android units the USB-C port will limit current to 5V at 1.5A and the USB-A Host 3.0 port has a 5V at 0.5A usable current.

Power output is also available through the optional integrated RS-232 port pin 9 as noted at the following web page.


For details on power output through side pins or through the dock, contact support@junipersys.com for information.


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