Cedar CT8 voice calling

18 Jun 2020

The Cedar CT8 is a tablet device that also provides a calling feature. When activating the IMEI number with a cellular network provider, the CT8 may appear as a smartphone. It is possible to activate both data as well as voice service on the CT8. To make or take calls requires using the speakerphone feature, pairing wireless headphones, or attaching wired headphones such as using the adapter at the following web page.

USB Type-C CT8 Headphone Plug

As 3G cellular networks are being sunset, this will affect the default voice feature of the CT8. When your 3G GSM network has been discontinued in your area, your carrier may support and you may be able to switch to using VoLTE (Voice over LTE) service instead. VoLTE works over your carrier's 4G LTE network. If this is supported by your carrier, this can be enabled on the CT8 under Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > CARD 1 > Enhanced 4G LTE Mode. Otherwise, you could possibly use a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service such as Skype.