Set Factory Defaults on Mesa 3 Android

13 May 2020

To perform a Set Factory Defaults on a Mesa 3 Android (MS3A) unit, backup all needed apps and data, then go into Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options > Erase all data (factory reset) > RESET TABLET.

If you have registered the Mesa 3 Android unit with a Google account, then this can also be performed remotely by using a web browser to access the website, select the device, select Erase Device, and then confirm that you want to ERASE DEVICE. If needed, this remote service can be enabled on the MS3A when you turn on automatic backup to Google Drive under Settings > System > Backup. When you select to remotely erase the device, if the unit is connected to the Internet, then the device will be set to factory defaults. If the unit is offline, erasing will begin when it next comes online. Similar services may be provided from security, corporate system, or other apps that you installed previously.

If you are locked out of the device and are unable to access it, even using the Google or other remote services, then with proof of ownership the unit could be submitted to our factory repair center for fully erasing the device and returning it to you.