Programming GPS in Windows 10

13 Dec 2019

Suggestions for programming GPS in Microsoft Windows 10 such as on the Mesa 2 and Mesa 3 are provided at the following web page.

Developing apps to use GPS in Windows

The following sample code for use with the built-in GPS on the Mesa 2 and Mesa 3 can potentially also be useful as reference for use with the Geode and other GNSS receivers.


In general, most developers just access GPS such as the Geode through general serial COM port interface functions since the Geode uses a Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile), native RS-232, or virtual USB UART connection. There are technical methods to get it to replace the integrated location services if interested. This would be somewhat similar to as described at the first web page link above and at the following web pages, but again this is most often more than what most developers need or would want to put effort into.