Geode GNS2 model now available for use with iPhone and iPad

2 Sep 2019

UPDATE Oct 2020: Retrofits for original Geode units is now being provided. Please contact for more details.

Original article from Sep 2019:

The Geode GNS2 model is now available. This model is still compatible with Windows and Android devices, and now iOS devices as well. The original lower cost Geode model will be available only while supplies last. The new GNS2 model has been certified to be compatible with specific iOS model devices as listed at the following web page.

Geode GNS2 Compatible Apple Devices

Retrofit of or trade for original Geode model units is currently not available. A technical method to connect an original Geode to an iOS device is to use one of the Bluetooth pass-through or serial adapter devices described at the following web page.

Original Geode GNSS models are not compatible with Apple products, but are compatible with Windows 10, Windows Embedded 6.5.3, and Android 4.2.x devices. A compatible Geode GNS2 model unit can be determined using the bottom label such as shown in the following image.

Geode GNS2 label