NiMH battery no longer available for previous Allegro models

29 Oct 2019

The NiMH battery pack for previous Allegro models (MX, CX, CE, DOS, CE/DOS, and F/PC) is no longer available. Compatible models of this battery are no longer in production from any vendor. Some models from third-parties that appear to be compatible (or in some cases are even advertised as being compatible) have been known to cause issues. It is highly recommended to consider upgrading to an Allegro 3, Allegro 2, or other current product model.

Cameron Sino batteries such as from Amazon or eBay are commonly known to have issues. The Cam10126 (Sharp OEM) batteries from Batteries Plus Bulbs may be compatible, but have not been officially tested. One last source for official batteries may be as follows (if stock remains).

Previous models of NiMH battery: