Allegro CE operating system (including nk.bin) install files

1 Nov 2003

Click on the file link from the table below for the version of the Microsoft Windows CE operating system that was most recently purchased for your specific Allegro CE Field PC unit. Run these files on your desktop PC to extract setup files such as the NK.BIN operating system backup file.



File Downloads

Windows CE 3.0



Windows CE .NET 4.1


Allegro-CE-.NET-4.1.exe (password required)

Microsoft no longer offers or supports upgrade licenses for the Windows CE .NET 4.1 operating system (such for compatibility with the newer Carlson SurvCE 2.x software). If you need the OS files for your current Allegro CE .NET 4.1 unit, please contact us with the unit serial number (if it was pre-installed) or original OS upgrade sales/invoice number (if upgrade was purchased later) to obtain password information. If you were unable to purchase an upgrade license while they were available, please contact our Sales Team for information on possible current trade-in offers.