Install a barcode or barcode and RFID reader on a Cedar tablet

3 Jan 2023

You can purchase a barcode or barcode and UHF RFID expansion pod for the Cedar CT8x2 and CT8 tablets. A barcode expansion pod enables you to scan a barcode to any active field within most apps.

Install on the Cedar CT8x2

To install a barcode pod on the Cedar CT8x2,

  1. Install the pod.
  2. Restart the device.
  3. Select OS Settings > Connected Devices > Connections preferences > Accessories.
  4. Tap Start Detect.

The tablet will find and enable the pod and add the needed apps.

Note: If you need APX installation files or additional help, contact

Install on the Cedar CT8

To install a barcode pod as a wedge on the Cedar CT8,

  1. Install the pod.
  2. Open the Phone app on the CT8.
  3. Dial #*20170206#.
  4. Select Project Setting.
  5. Select QRScan Version.
  6. Open Settings > System.
  7. Select Gestures.
  8. Select F1F2 function key.
  9. Scroll to the bottom and select QRScanner.

Sample Code for Developing Barcode Apps

Using Android Studio, you can use the sample software applications and source code in the ZIP files below to develop apps for the Cedar barcode pods. Documentation and information about the internal hardware in the pod is included in the ZIP files.

CT8 Barcode Source Code

CT8 RFID Source Code  (no wedge feature) 

Note: This code was not created nor is it maintained by Juniper Systems and is free for development use.


Update—16Mar2023, Original article—18Jul2019