Improving GPS Accuracy in the Cedar CT8x2 and CT8

3 May 2023

The Cedar CT8x2 and CT8 tablets use the u-Blox M8030 receiver for GPS. You can improve the GPS accuracy by changing the location settings. For even greater accuracy, you can add an external antenna. 

Change the Location Settings


The CT8x2 runs on the Android 10 operating system. To change the location settings in the CT8x2,

  1. Open Settings Security & location > Privacy > Location > Location mode.
  2. Change the setting to GPS + GLONASS + GALILEO.

The GPS + GLONASS + GALILEO setting increases the number of satellites used by the GPS receiver.

Note: Juniper Systems also recommends disabling Wi-Fi Scanning, Bluetooth Scanning, and Google Location Accuracy to improve GPS accuracy.


The CT8 runs on the Android 8.1 operating system. To change the location settings in CT8,

  1. Open Settings > Locations
  2. Tap Mode.
  3. Change the mode to Device only.

Device only mode ensures that the CT8 uses only the unit's GPS. You must use this setting if you add an external antenna.

Note: High accuracy mode (available in Android 8.1 and earlier versions) is for finding addresses and relies on cell towers, Wi-Fi, and sometimes Bluetooth to help triangulate position, which can cause drift from the actual GPS location.

Add an External Antenna

Juniper Systems offers two external antennas to greatly improve GPS accuracy. With the Cedar CT8 External GNSS Antenna MMCX, you can achieve close to 1 meter accuracy. With the Geode GNS3M antenna, you can potentially achieve RTK Float (decimeter-level accuracies), using ATLAS, NTRIP, post-processing, and other correction methods. 

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