Color touchscreen repair limitation on Allegro MX

18 Jun 2019

UPDATE 1 Jan 2020 - All repair services for the Allegro MX have ended as noted at the following web page.

Discontinuation of repair services for the Allegro MX

Original article from 18 Jun 2019:

Our repair center no longer has stock of touchscreens that properly fit the color display of the Allegro MX Field PC. As a temporary alternatively, we can install a larger touchscreen that was originally intended to fit a monochrome display. Installing a mono touchscreen over a color display on an Allegro MX would appear as shown in the images below. The only visible difference is an additional black border area around the display. This does not change any function or behavior of the touchscreen. If wanting this alternative, please mention it in your repair description when filling out the repair order form.


Allegro MX color display with mono touchscreen