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Cedar device not showing in File Explorer

10 Jun 2019

On some PC's you may not see the Cedar device in File Explorer when it is connected to a PC. Here are a few things to try. 

1. Once the Device is connected to the PC.  Swipe form the top down to get to the quick settings options

2. Locate the USB options, and tap to open the options. ( Note: on some devices this may take you to the devloper options on the device)

3. Tap on the "USB Configuration"  and select the "MTP" or File Transfer  option. 

4. Go to the PC, and see if you can browse the contents of the device. 


Asigning the correct Drivers. 

1. Go to Device Manager on the PC.

2. Locate where the device is showing up ( Usally indicated by a Yellow triangle with an exclamation point next to it).

3. Right click on device with they yellow tringle, and select Properties> Select Driver tab.

4. Select Update Driver

5. Select Browse my computer

6. Select Let me pick from a list

7. Select Android Phone Select MTP USB Device

Let the drivers load and check to see if you can now browse the contents of the device.