Geode change the baud rate

4 Jun 2019

Option 1: (Recommended method) Through the Bluetooth connection:

Instructions for Android: Preparation steps. 

  1. Connect via Bluetooth to the Geode using Geode Connect.
  2. Go to the Terminal Screen. Located next to the gear icon at the bottom of the app.
  3. Uncheck the Auto Scrolling Feature towards the top of the screen.
  4. Tap on the Plus button at the bottom of the screen 
  5. Next tap the "Hide Log" and then tap "Send".
  6. Now Tap the "Clear Screen" to clean up the screen. 

Steps to change the Baud Rate. In this example we are changing the baud rate to 4800. You can change to the baud rate of your choice.

Important information to note: The receiver uses the terminology of “This” port and “Other”. "This" port refers to the current port you are connected to. In our case "This" = the Bluetooth port. When connected to Bluetooth, you want to change data rate of the “Other” port, which is the serial port.

This example changes the port baud rate to 4800. You can substitute your desired port speed for the 4800. 

  1. Tap on the Send Command Button.
  2. Type $JBAUD,4800,other,save Now Tap on "Send"
  3. Type $jsave then tap on "Send"
  4. Type $jshow, tap on the "Send" button. The "Other" port should show :JSHOW,BAUD,4800,OTHER.
  5. Now you can disconnect the Bluetooth connection, and connect to the Geode via the serial port. The Serial port speed will be 4800.