Change the Geode Serial Port Baud Rate

7 Sep 2021

To change the serial port to a baud rate not listed in Geode Connect, you can use the Bluetooth connection or the serial port connection.

Option 1: Bluetooth Connection (Recommended)

  1. Connect your PC or Android device to the Geode via Bluetooth with Geode Connect.

  2. Go to the terminal screen by clicking the icon on the bottom of the screen.

  1. Turn off the scrolling data.

    1. In the command bar on the bottom, click the drop-down arrow and select HIDE LOG.

  1. Click Send. This will stop the data stream in the terminal screen.

  2. Click Clear to clear the terminal screen.

  1. Change the port speed. For example, to change the baud rate to 4800,

    1. In the command bar enter, $JBAUD,4800,PORTB,save

    2. Click Send.

This will tell the receiver you are sending a command to:

WARNING: Port B is the serial port. Do NOT send a speed change to any other port as it could disrupt your ability to communicate with the receiver.

  1. Save the baud rate. In the command bar,

    1. Type $jsave then click Send.

    2. Type $jshow then click Send.

  2. If the command has been executed correctly, you will receive a confirmation response.

  3. Once you have changed the baud rate, disconnect the Bluetooth connections and connect to the Geode via the serial port. The port data speed will now be 4800 baud. 

Option 2: Serial Connection

  1. Connect the Geode to a PC through the serial port.

  2. Launch Geode Connect. The software will auto-search different baud rates and establish communication at the current data rate.

  3. Go to the terminal screen.

  4. Send the command: $JBAUD,4800,save

  5. Click Send.

  6. The baud rate will change. You will get a "Port Error" message because the port you are currently connected to has a different baud rate.

  7. Close the Geode Connect app then open it again. It will connect using the last settings and issue the below error message.

  1. Click Change Device. The software will find the Geode at the new baud rate.

  2. Go to the terminal screen to verify your device is communicating with the Geode at the new baud rate.


Note: If also needing to disable all messages being output from the RS-232 serial port except GGA, some further possible commands are as follows.