Operating System 1.1.0 for Allegro 3 and Archer 3

11 Sep 2020

For details regarding operating system updates for the Allegro 3 and Archer 3, please see the release notes document.

While your unit is connected to the Internet, operating system updates will appear automatically for you to select to install. If it does not appear automatically, open Settings > About this device > Software Information > Additional system updates > Online. Select the "Device" option only if you need to install or reload the operating system manually using the following file and instructions.


To install manually, attach an external power supply, download and/or copy the file above to the Documents folder on the A3 unit, select the Device option as mentioned above, locate the file while browsing the folders on the device, once located tap and hold on the file icon/name to select it, tap Open in the top-right, and then select Update.


Previous release 1.0.6 from 9 Apr 2020