High performance mode on Mesa 2

10 Sep 2018

UPDATE June 2022 - It has been reported that after a recent Windows Update this optional setting is no longer available. A possible fix is at the following web page.


Original article:

The Mesa 2 performs well for the vast majority of handheld computer applications. But some applications, such as those intended more for desktop computers, may encounter reduced performance on the Mesa 2.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro on laptop and other portable devices (tablets), such as the Mesa 2, now only includes the “Balanced” power plan and instead wants you to use the “Power mode (on battery):” slider that is visible when you tap on the battery icon in the bottom-right system tray. Setting this slider all the way up to “Best performance” may help. If not, this setting still does not quite provide the same changes as did the previous “High Performance Mode” power plan. In our OS 19043 and higher on new Mesa 2 units from production, we now provide both the Balanced as well as the previous High Performance power plans when you tap and hold on the battery icon to access the Windows Mobility Center. To add the previous High Performance Mode to any unit that shipped prior to OS 19043 (5 Mar 2019), technical instructions are provided in the following document.


Warning: Use the Registry Editor at your own risk. If you use the Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that could require you to re-install the operating system on your PC. Microsoft does not guarantee that a system can be recovered when the Registry Editor is used incorrectly. Juniper Systems is not liable if problems that occur from editing the Windows registry. Enabling high performance mode on the Mesa 2 can affect overall battery life. It is highly recommended to have the optional integrated battery along with the main removable battery if using this mode.