Cosmetic cracks on keyboard buttons of Allegro 2

20 Apr 2018

It has been reported that visible cracks may develop over time in the protective resin coating over the buttons on the keyboard of the Allegro 2 platform. This resin is designed to add shape to the top of the keys and provide an additional layer to protect the printed characters on the keyboard from wear over time. The issue can reportedly be fairly easy to reproduce by applying significant pressure to the keyboard buttons, particularly in cold conditions and when pressing the buttons with the point of a sharp object such as a stylus tip or even just a long fingernail. But under normal pressure, temperatures, using the nub of a finger or glove, etc. the issue does not to occur. Such cracks are also purely cosmetic and do not affect the IP68 water-tight seal. The keyboard elastomer is even considered to be a “wearable part” as is included in the annual maintenance benefit of our Gold and Platinum Complete Care plans such as is described starting at the following web page.

If a keyboard elastomer has encountered such an issue during the warranty period, the unit is submitted to our factory repair center for physical evaluation, and no other related non-warranted damage or conditions are found with the unit, then keyboard elastomer replacement may be covered by the standard warranty.