Battery may be difficult to access on some Mesa 2 units

1 Mar 2018

If you are encountering difficulties with opening the door to access the main removable battery on the Mesa 2, a possible cause and solutions are described below.

Some Mesa 2 units that originally shipped in 2017 had an additional battery retention metal clip as well as a door modification which are described at the following web page.

Battery clip and door modification on some Mesa 2 units

When this modification is present, it may be difficult to fully close and open the door if exact steps are not followed when initially inserting the battery. You must ensure that the retention clip is fully seated over the battery before attempting to close the door. The following images show an unseated and a seated battery retention clip.

If you have already closed the door while the clip was not seated, you may have encountered a partial door latching as shown in this image.

To ensure the unit is fully water sealed, the latch should be in the full lock position. Opening the door again to seat the clip before fully closing the door is the best solution. If you have instead applied additional pressure to the door to get it to fully latch, you may then encounter difficulty with getting the door to open. If this is the case, some possible methods to get the door to open using your fingernail or a tool are shown in the following images. As shown, the door latch may need to be held in the unlocked position while lifting the door.

Once you are able to get the door to open, removing the battery from under the clip may require the use of a tool such as simply using the top end of the on-board stylus. You may need to hold the clip in the unseated position while using the lever tool to lift the battery by the black tab. A previous statement and image from the manual is as follows.

The flat (top) end of the captive stylus can be used as a lever to remove the battery pack.