Network connection not working through Ethernet dock

25 Jul 2017

Verify that you have the wall charger attached through the dock along with Ethernet before placing the rugged handheld into the dock.

When attempting to connect to a network through the Ethernet dock, you may need to initially change the following setting.

  1. Tap on Start > Settings > Connections > Network Cards (or Wireless Manager > Menu > Wi-Fi Settings) > Network Adapters.
  2. Under "My network card Connects to:", change to "The Internet" (even if connecting to a local "Work" network), and then tap OK.

The default "Work" setting likely will not function, at least not reliably.

Verify that there are no bent or damaged pins in the dock. A pogo pins replacement kit may be available to purchase.

If needing further reference, please see the Ethernet dock manual.