Lynx in Windows XP

10 Nov 2003

The Lynx communication software, or any file transfer software built using the lynx.dll file, will need to have the compatibility mode changed or DOS serial communication parameters set properly in the Microsoft Windows XP Command Prompt program before being able to run fully. Without setting the compatibility mode or the communication parameters, Lynx may stop responding when trying to communicate with the Allegro in DOS.

To set Compatibility Mode, right-click on the Lynx program icon, select Properties, Compatibility tab, check the box next to "Run this program in compatibility mode for", and select Windows 2000 or earlier.

If the compatibility mode does not get Lynx to work properly in Windows XP, then the DOS COM parameters can be set easily and automatically each time you run Lynx by using a simple DOS batch file. If Lynx has been installed to the default installation directory on your desktop PC, you can download this lynx.bat file, save it to your desktop or any location on your desktop PC, and then double-click on this file to run Lynx with from now on. By running Lynx using this batch file, communications with the Allegro should work properly.

If you have installed Lynx to a location other than the default installation directory, or you are using a different file transfer software built using the lynx.dll file, you can download, extract and edit the lynx.bat file using NotePad or WordPad to change the directory or name of the program that the batch file runs after it sets the communication parameters.