Installing ESRI ArcPad 6.0.3

10 Dec 2003

To be able to run ESRI ArcPad 6.0.3 on your Allegro CE or CE/DOS Field PC models, you will need to first install the "VBScript Runtime Library" that is included with the ArcPad desktop installation. The version of VBScript that is pre-installed on the Allegro CE and CE/DOS is not compatible with the ArcPad GPS application. The Allegro CX does not seem to need this as do the other model Allegros.

Follow the instructions that are shipped with ArcPad for installing it on your desktop PC first. Once ArcPad is installed on your PC, proceed with the instructions below.

Installing the ArcPad VBScript Runtime Library

To install the ArcPad VBScript runtime library, complete the following steps:

  1. Connect your Allegro to your PC through Microsoft ActiveSync.Note: For instructions on ActiveSync connections go to the ActiveSync section in Chapter 4 of your Allegro CE Owners Manual and follow the connection instructions.


  2. Go to your PCs desktop Start Menu|Programs|ArcGIS|ArcPad and click on Install VBScript Runtime Library for Windows CE. The following pop-up screen appears:Note: Select either the default install directory or the C_Drive as the location to install to, but it is not a priority at this step. This is because if the WinCE registry is lost, ArcPad still needs the VBScripting to be re-installed to run the application.


  3. Click on the Yes button to proceed with the VBScript Runtime Library installation. The following screen will pop up on your PCs desktop:


  4. Click on the OK button on the Application Downloading Complete screen and look at your Allegros screen. The following screen appears on your Allegro:You will notice that the screens are formatted for a screen that is wider than the screen on your Allegro. To view all options on a screen, drag the Confirm File Replace to the left or right, as needed. To perform this drag function, place the stylus on the Allegro screen in the Confirm File Replace title bar. While holding the stylus down, slide it left or right to move the program on the screen.


  5. Tap on Yes To All on the Confirm File Replace screen on your Allegro. The following screen appears on your Allegro:This screen shows the ArcPad VBScript Runtime Library files copying to your Allegro


  6. Go to the desktop Start Menu|Programs|ArcGIS|ArcPad and run Install ArcPad 6.0.2 application for Windows CE. The following pop-up screen appears:


  7. Click No to install to the default install directory. The following screen appears:


  8. Click on the down arrow next to the Save In box to access the following drop down list:


  9. Click on C_Drive as the location on your Allegro that ArcPad will be saved and click on the OK button. The following screen appears:Note: To help avoid possible program and data loss due to loss of battery power or other similar circumstance install programs and saving data in those programs to the C_Drive on your Allegro. For additional protection from data loss, use the Save System utility to save programs and data to the C_Drive.After the Allegro finishes installing ESRI ArcPad 6.0.2, the following screen appears:


  10. Click on the OK button on the Application Downloading Complete screen. The following screen appears on your Allegro:


  11. Go to your Allegros Start Menu| Programs|Utilities and tap Save System.The necessary version of VBScript Runtime Library is now installed on your Allegro. The ESRI ArcPad GPS application is now set up to run on your Allegro CE using Windows CE .NET 4.1