Setting the battery level indicator

10 Dec 2002

Anytime you remove and replace a battery pack, the New Battery Detected pop up screen appears when you start up your Allegro. Below is the New Battery Detected screen with its default settings:

The four options on the New Battery Detected screen are stated as questions, not statements. The New Battery Detected screen does not detect battery status, it only detects that a new battery has been inserted into your Allegro. You need to specify the charge of the battery pack by selecting one of the options manually and then tapping on OK.

The New Battery Detected screen has the following four options:

Battery is fully charged - This sets the battery charge to 100%. Use this option only if you are certain the battery is fully charged, i.e. you charged the battery pack using an external battery charger.

Keep current charge value - This sets the battery charge to the charge of the last battery used in the Allegro. If the Allegro reloads the operating system after a battery is removed and reinstalled the Keep current charge value defaults to 50%. Use this option when you have removed the battery for a moment and installed the same battery.

Specify charge (%) 100 - This sets the battery charge to the percentage you select. Use this option anytime the New Battery Detected screen appears and you are unsure the exact charge percentage of the battery. Set the percentage to 10 and tap on OK. Then charge the battery.

Capacity (mAh): 3800 - This sets the milliamp-hours of the battery pack. This option is defaulted to the battery pack that is shipped with your Allegro. If you are using a different battery pack, check the mAh, located on the battery packs label, and set the capacity to equal that value.


Recommended Settings for New Battery Detected Screen

Having the battery charge level set correctly is very important to the efficiency of the Allegro battery, and battery gauge. We recommend when the New Battery Detected screen appears (see note below), complete the following steps:

1. Select the Specify charge (%) option.

2. Set the charge to 10% by tapping on the down arrow next to the Specify charge (%) box. tap on OK

3. Tap on OK.

4. Charge the Allegro until the battery gauge reads 100.

Note: The one exception to this recommendation is when you have charged a battery pack with an external charger and the battery is fully charged when you install it. Select the first option Battery is fully charged and tap on OK.

For more information about your Allegro battery pack and other battery related topics, go to Chapter 2 of your Allegro Owners Manual review the Batteries section.