Reduced battery life after weekend or storage

10 Dec 2003

After leaving my Allegro over the weekend or in storage without being plugged into a charger, it still registers 100% charge on Monday but does not last as long as normal. What is causing this and how do I fix it?

When the Allegro is not being charged and is in Suspend mode, power is being drawn from the main battery pack. This power draw is used to maintain the RAM on the Allegro in the same state it was in when it was shut off, without needing to reboot. The suspend power drain is not detected by the gauging circuit. The longer the system sits without being charged, the more the battery status indicator becomes out of sync and does not reflect the true charge percent of the battery pack. The total error can be as much as 5% per day. Charging the system will automatically synchronize the gauging circuit.

Keeping the Allegro attached to the AC charging wall adapter when you are not using it helps to avoid inaccurate battery monitoring. For more information about your Allegro battery pack and other battery related topics, go to Chapter 2 of your Allegro Owners Manual under the Batteries section.