Leica robotic radio modem

27 Mar 2006

The Leica robotic radio modem expansion pod for the Allegro Field PCs allows survey software on the Allegro, such as Carlson SurvCE, to communicate wirelessly with a Leica robotic total station.

The radio modem can be configured using the Radio Configuration Program ("CE RM Tool") that may come pre-installed on Allegro Field PCs with radio modems (but may need to be installed separately from the website link below). If there is not a shortcut to this program on the Allegro`s desktop or under the Start button > Programs, this program is usually found by double-tapping on My Computer > C_Drive > C_Program Files, and then double-tap on the "CE_RM_Tool" icon; or under Start > File Explorer > My Device. A new desktop shortcut can be created to this program by tapping once on the icon to highlight, and then tap on the File menu > Send To > Desktop As ShortCut.

If you still cannot locate this program, contact Leica Geosystems technical support to obtain this program, or download it from Leica SurvCE Support Downloads website.

IMPORTANT- One important configuration of the radio modem is the "Sleep Mode" setting. This setting is enabled when the Radio Configuration Program is used to configure the radio modem for the first time (or maybe when an application opens the COM3 port). This sets the radio modem to be ON only when actively being used by a software program (such as SurvCE) on the Allegro, and turn OFF when the Allegro is suspended (turned off by pressing the On/Off key). It may also prevent repeating Bluetooth connection drops and other high current or radio interference issues.


If the Allegro ever loses or has ever lost battery power completely, the Radio Configuration Program should be used to re-enable the "Sleep Mode" setting. This is done by opening the "CE_RM_Tool" program, and tap once on the Connect button. Keep the Allegro plugged-in whenever not in use to prevent complete battery loss.

If you ever have difficulty communicating with your Leica robotic total station using the radio modem through SurvCE, you can use the Radio Configuration Program to reset the radio modem. The latest version of the program now has a Defaults button to set the radio modem to factory defaults, which may be needed after upgrading software.

Some older radios may only support the "Leica USA" configuration and may not have the latest firmware to support the "Leica World Wide" configuration needed for connecting to some total stations. Older radios may need to be replaced to support the newer configuration.

For additional information, refer to the following document.