ESRI ArcPad crashes on resume

12 May 2008

The ESRI ArcPad software running on a Juniper Systems Field PC may encounter issues (such as crashing) after resuming (turning on) the Field PC if ArcPad is left running with GPS active before suspending (turning off) the Field PC. These issues are more often encountered when using a GPS CF card device such as a Trimble XC or GlobalSAT BC-337.

Common workarounds to these issues include:

* Only works with Trimble receivers. Some user reports indicate that the GPScorrect.ssf file and maybe others may become corrupted if suspending with GPS Active, so may be best to just avoid doing it.

Microsoft GPS Manager

The Microsoft GPS Manager utility maintains an NMEA GPS signal on a virtual COM port ("GPS program port") while hardware drivers ("GPS hardware port") reload, allowing GPS software (such as ESRI ArcPad) to avoid issues with the brief loss (few seconds) of GPS hardware connection after each resume. Additional information is available on the Microsoft GPS Manager FAQ webpage.

A similar alternative program is described at the following web page.