Display flicker or jitter

24 Mar 2008

Windows Mobile

If you do not have Bluetooth or WiFi installed, then you can turn off the Wireless Manager Today Screen item (which can cause this flicker) by performing the following steps.

  1. Tap on Start > Settings > Today icon > Items tab.
  2. Uncheck the "Wireless" item, and then tap OK.


Similar utilities, such as the ArcPad Today screen plug-in, could potentially also cause such issues.

Allegro CX Field PC

It is not necessary to adjust the contrast on an Allegro CX Field PC with a color display. If you try to adjust the contrast, the display may begin to appear shaky or jittery. To fix this issue, continue adjusting the contrast until the display appears stable again.

Allegro Field PCs with monochrome displays can adjust the contrast by pressing the Yellow key and then the F4 key (or press and hold both keys simultaneously) to lighten the contrast, or press the Yellow key and then the F5 key to darken. Or in Windows CE you can tap on the Start button > Settings > Control Panel > Display icon > Controls tab, and move the Contrast Adjustment slider.

The display may also appear shaky or jittery under certain fluorescent lighting. This is a normal occurrence. The Field PC display appears best under full outdoor lighting conditions.