Microsoft Embedded Visual Basic

23 Apr 2010

Legacy application software which was written in the now deprecated Microsoft Embedded Visual Basic programming language and environment may be able to run on our rugged handheld computer products. Though additional work must be performed on the handheld to make it run as explained below.

You may need to download and install the EVB runtime files from the following link.

If the app uses the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and/or Object Linking and Embedding (OLE), then you may need to obtain (such as from the "C_Program Files" folder on older Allegros) and copy one or more of the following DLLs into the \Windows folder on the handheld and then perform a Reset.

When writing software for x86 platforms like the Allegro CE/DOS Field PC, the font size defaults to a size that is too large to display. You need to set the font to a smaller size on the Allegro to make the text viewable.