Sierra Wireless Aircard cellular modems

8 Jan 2010

Note: This information is provided as a reference and does not imply that Juniper Systems will provide full support for or warranty the use of any specific third-party device, accessory, or software with a Juniper product.

The Sierra Wireless AirCards are recommended for use as internal cellular connections in the Allegro CE and CX Field PCs. Some models that work in the Allegro are the 860, 850, 775, 555, and 550; though these models may be difficult to find due to recent discontinuation of production. For more information about the Sierra Wireless AirCards, please visit the following website:

Obtaining Software Drivers

When downloading software drivers for a specific model AirCard from the Sierra Wireless website, the drivers for the Allegro CE with Windows CE 3.0 may be named "Handheld PC 2000", while drivers for the Allegro CX (Windows CE .NET 4.2) or for the Allegro CE with Windows CE .NET 4.1 may be named "Windows CE .NET".

If "Handheld PC 2000" or "Windows CE .NET" drivers are not immediately available to download from the Sierra Wireless website for a specific model AirCard, you may need to contact Sierra Wireless at:

Fitting AirCard into Allegro

An empty Allegro expansion pod door can be purchased to fit the AirCard into the Allegro with leaving the antenna attached. Or if you cannot use an empty expansion pod door because your Allegro already has an expansion, you can get better signal strength by opening the Allegro PC card door while in a dry location (in a vehicle or indoors), and then temporarily insert the AirCard with antenna.

Installing the Software Drivers

Once you have the AirCard and it is activated with a cellular service provider, you need to install the correct card software drivers onto the Allegro before inserting the card.

After you have downloaded the correct driver software, install the drivers on the Allegro by completing the following steps:

1. Establish an ActiveSync connection between the Allegro and the desktop PC.
2. Follow the online installation instructions from the Sierra Wireless website. Run the install on the desktop PC, which will install to the Allegro through ActiveSync.
3. Once the drivers are installed, reset the Allegro by tapping on Start > Programs > Utilities > Reset System.
4. Insert the AirCard into the Allegro`s PCMCIA card slot.
Note: Do not insert the AirCard until after the software drivers have been installed and the Allegro has been reset.
5. Save the system on your Allegro by tapping on Start > Programs > Utilities > Save System.

Getting Email on your Allegro

For information on how to send and receive email on the Allegro Field PC, please visit our website at: