PC Card does not fit in Allegro PCMCIA card slot

8 Jan 2010

It is possible that you are using a non-standard sized (extended) PC card adapter with your Allegro. Note that it is possible to damage the Allegro trying to use an extended PC card adapter.

An example of the extended style of PC card adapter is the one sold by Socket Communications bundled in their Bluetooth wireless technology Compact Flash Connection Kit with adapter (Product # BL4517-386).


How Extended PC Card Adapters Can Damage the Allegro

The extended PC card adapters do not allow the PC card door on the Allegro to close. The Allegro has two tabs on the inside of the PC card door. These tabs hold a standard PC card, or standard PC card adapter, in place during operation so that the card does not move when dropped or bumped. Using extended adapters causes these tabs to press down on the card, not allowing the PC card door to close. If the door is forced closed, the added pressure breaks the guide rails on the card slot. When the guide rails are broken, the PC card adapter does not install properly, resulting in a poor connection and improper operation. The Allegro must be returned for repair.


Recommendation from Juniper Systems

We highly recommend that you use the PC card adapter that Juniper Systems offers (Part # 12683). This adapter has been tested and is proven to work with the Allegro without any risk of damage to the guide rails. The Bluetooth CF card from Socket Communications is fully compatible with this adapter.

The PC card adapter specified for use with the Allegro is the CF Type 2 (85.6mm long x 54mm wide x 5mm high). If you are ordering PC card adapters for the Allegro from an alternative vendor, make sure that you only use CF Type 2 PC card adapters, such as SanDisk.


Warranty Notice

Please note that if an extended PC card adapter is used with the Allegro and the PC card door is forced closed and damages the Allegro, the repair of the unit is not covered under warranty. Please make sure you are using the correct CF Type 2 PC card adapter.