Mounting Options and Specifications

30 Nov 2023

Juniper Systems offers a variety of mounting options for our product models based on industry standards.

Direct Mounting Points

Mesa Pro


Our rugged handheld computers provide mounting mechanisms and cable restraints for connecting cables, antennas, external devices (sensors), vehicles, poles, and other items in a permanent or semi-permanent fashion for use in many different applications. For a detailed list of options, see


Geode comes with a 1/4”-20 to 5/8”-11 brass adapter. Screw the adapter into the center mounting hole to connect the Geode to a camera tripod or standard 2 m survey pole. To avoid damage to the case, the max screw depth for the center mounting hole is 7 mm (0.3 in.). For a detailed list of mounting options, see

AMPS Mounting Pattern

The AMPS mounting pattern is an industry-standard mounting pattern for attaching devices to mounts. Juniper Systems uses this pattern for its mounting brackets and the vehicle docks.

The pattern typically consists of two or four holes.

The mounting base can be different shapes, but the distance between at least two of the four holes stays the same. 

The following parts use the AMPS mounting pattern.


Part Product Image
29314 Allegro 2/3 Mounting Bracket

24356 Allegro/Archer Elbow and Ball RAM Mounts

24699 Archer 2/3 Claw Cradle with Ball


No image available


30634 Cedar CT8/CT8X2 Mounting Bracket
30635 Cedar CT8/CT8X2 Pole Mount Assembly
28325 Geode Smartphone Tray

To find a phone holder compatible with your phone and the Geode Smartphone Tray, see
28178 GIS/Survey Pole ARM and CLAMP (No Bracket)
25414 Mesa 2/3 Mounting Bracket
25415 Mesa 2/3 Non-Powered Locking Vehicle Dock

26027 Mesa 2/3 Pole Clamp and Mount
25681 Mesa 2/3 Powered Locking Vehicle Dock

31016 Mesa Pro Mounting Bracket
22485 RAM C size (1.5 in.) Ball with 2-7/16 in. Diameter Base


Update—OS, 30 Nov 2023; Original article–11 July 2023, Nov 2017, Aug 2012





The accessory mounting screw holes on the back and bottom of the Archer Field PC have the following specifications.

Top Back

Bottom Communication Module


Powered and non-powered docks are available for the Mesa, Mesa Pro, Allegro, and Archer and allow you to securely mount the device in an office or vehicle. Additional screws or adapter plates may be needed. A custom swivel claw bracket can be purchased for the Allegro. This is most often used in the cab of a combine for use with a HarvestMaster system but can be purchased separately for use in other applications as well. Please contact our Sales Team for additional information.

A device or antenna can be mounted to the rugged handheld computer inside or on top of an extended cap or expansion pod/pack. Mounting inside may require connection through Bluetooth, a card slot, or an expansion port (rather than a standard serial or USB port) and the use of padding around the device or antenna (may be included with extended cap). Mounting on top may require the use of an additional strap or bracket (may be included with extended cap) and perhaps the modification of the device or antenna cable with possible routing through a cable channel on the handheld. Please contact our Sales Team assistance with setting up your custom device or antenna mounting application.