Pistol Grip for barcode scanner on Mesa 2

14 Feb 2017

A removable pistol grip trigger handle accessory is now available for new Mesa 2 units which have the optional integrated barcode scanner. A holster pouch is also available for it.

The pistol grip can be used as a trigger for barcode, but not for RFID. Compatible Mesa 2 Barcode units have three metal electronic contact points on the case back. The pistol grip is fairly durable to impacts/drops, though is not sealed to any IP rating. The Mesa 2 retains IP68 rating even while pistol grip is attached. This accessory can be easily removed and replaced as necessary. It is not serviceable at repair centers, though discounted replacement may be available if full original is returned as proof.

The pistol grip is not available for HazLoc models of the Mesa 2, though HazLoc units can still be purchased with barcode (such as using a keypad button for trigger instead).


Oct 2018 UPDATE: The pistol grip can now be used with certain HazLoc models. For more details, please see this article.

Mesa 2 with barcode pistol grip is now hazloc certified