M2 Office Dock USB HDMI adapter will not duplicate display

2 Feb 2017

If you are using a USB-to-HDMI adapter with the Mesa 2, such as the CableCreations (DisplayLink) adapter that comes with some M2 Office Docks, details for initial setup are provided in the following document.


When using the USB HDMI adapter, you may notice that it will not allow you to Duplicate (or Clone) the display. The adapter should let you Extend the display instead. If you absolutely need to Duplicate the display (such as for a trade show pole mount demo), a possible technical workaround is as follows.

  1. Attach the USB HDMI adapter and set the Mesa 2 to be in Landscape Extended monitor view (which is default while in the dock).
  2. Download and launch the VLC media player on the Mesa 2, as is available from the following website.
  3. Open the player and drag it to the extended desktop on the attached HDMI display.
  4. In VLC, go to Media > Open Capture Device > Desktop and then change the frame rate to 15 or higher (whatever is the highest that still runs smoothly).
  5. Press Play and put VLC in full screen mode.