M2 Office Dock accessory now shipping

22 Dec 2016

The long awaited M2 Office Dock accessory is now shipping. This dock provides a charging cable port, RJ-45 Ethernet port, three USB Host ports, as well as either an integrated HDMI port or a separate USB-to-HDMI adapter. For more information, please see the following web page.

Mesa 2 Accessories

Newer Mesa 2 units which have a three row docking pins connector can utilize the integrated HDMI port on the dock. Previous Mesa 2 units which have a two row docking pins connector require an alternative USB-to-HDMI adapter. This allows the dock to meet FCC and CE Mark regulations. See the quick start guide for more details.

The dock can be used with the standard 20W charger provided with the Mesa 2. We also provide an optional 45W charger for use with the dock in place of our standard 20W charger, such as to provide additional current for powering multiple connected USB devices.

29 Sep 2023 Note: 45W charger has gone end of life. 65W charger is now being offered as alternative under same part number.