Software Development Kit (SDK) Issues

10 Dec 2003

The following are SDK issues that may occur during the installation of the SDKs for your Allegro. After each issue is the process for its correction.

Installation Order

The order that you install your development tools and SDKs is very important to the correct use of your SDKs. Install eMbedded Visual Basic 3.0 or eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0 before installing the SDK. If you install the SDK first, it will not be properly installed.

Installing Same Name SDKs

The Allegro SDK for eMbedded Visual Basic and eMbedded Visual C++ have the same name. To make sure the SDKs function properly, install these same name SDKs to different paths.

Project Template Error from Multiple SDKs

When there are more than six items in an eMbedded Visual Basic New Project dialog box and you attempt to open one, Visual Basic CE (VBCE) may search for the project template in the wrong directory, resulting in a File not found error being displayed. Using a maximum of six items at one time in each dialog box corrects this issue.

SDK Documentation Removal

If you install two SDKs from the same platform, one for eMbedded Visual Basic and one for eMbedded Visual C++, the documentation appears with the rest of the help for the Windows CE eMbedded Visual Tools. However, if you then uninstall one of these SDKs, the documentation for both SDKs is removed.

Uninstalling Microsoft Windows Platform SDK for Pocket PC and the Allegro SDK

If you are uninstalling the Microsoft Windows Platform SDK for Pocket PC and one or more Allegro SDKs, it is strongly recommended that you uninstall the Microsoft Windows Platform SDK for Pocket PC last. Uninstalling Microsoft Windows Platform SDK for Pocket PC causes device connectivity problems for any exported SDKs that remain on the machine. Installing the Allegro SDK again corrects this problem.

Administrator Rights

Microsoft recommends having full Administrator rights when running Embedded Visual Tools. If you are uncertain if you have full administrator rights contact, ask your supervisor.